Waterbed Mattress – Hardness from 1 to 8 seconds:

Waterbed mattress FO

8-9 (Free Flow)

Cama de agua FO Free Flow Composicion

Colchón de  agua basado en la primera cama de agua; esta no tiene incorporada fibra alguna, se ajusta totalmente a la anatomía del cuerpo y ofrece una sensación de flotación total

Waterbed mattress F2

Waterbed mattress 6-7 sECONDS

Cama de agua F2 Composicion

Colchón de  agua que incorpora dos capas de fibra en el colchón con una capa intermedia de refuerzo lumbar para potenciar la sensación de descanso total en una cama de agua.

Waterbed mattress F3

Waterbed mattress 6-7 SECONDS

Cama de agua F3 Composicion

Colchón de  agua que incorpora tres capas de fibra en el colchón con una capa de refuerzo lumbar ideal para los que prefieren un colchón más estable sin dejar de disfrutar las cualidades de una cama de agua.

Waterbed mattress F4

Waterbed mattress 2-3 Segundos de movimiento

Cama de agua F4 Composicion

Colchón de  agua que incorpora cuatro capas de fibra en el colchón con una capa de refuerzo lumbar situada en el centro de las capas de fibra que ofrece un apoto adicional para garantizar una perfecta reljación y descanso. La sensación de movimiento es la más parecida a la de un colchón convencional.

Waterbed mattress F5

Waterbed mattress 1-2 SeCONDS

Cama de agua F5 Composicion

Colchón de  agua que incorpora cinco capas de fibra con una capa de refuerzo lumbar que ofrece el equilibrio perfecto entre la estabilidad y las cualidades de la cama de agua. Es el colchón ideal para gente que desea en la medida de lo posible evitar el movimiento del agua en su cama y que hace más fácil la transición de dormir de un colchón convencional a dormir en una cama de agua.

Waterbed mattress Dúo

Waterbed mattress DÚO

Cama de agua Dúo Composicion

ElArteDeDormir le ofrece la opción de elegir entre un solo colchón (mono) o una cama de agua gemela (dúo).
En la modalidad cama gemela (dúo) los colchón de agua están separados dentro de la misma cama, pudiéndose ajustar, por separado, el volumen de agua, grado de estabilidad y la temperatura.

Health & Wellness

The way in which the water bed acts on your health, covers many fields


Water - the substance of life. From it all living beings are born, in it we spend our first nine months of life. Well protected and bathed in softness. Our body is composed largely of water. Anyone who wants to experience a new sensation in this well-known substance will discover a new dimension of bodily well-being in the waterbed. Lifestyle as a world of daily sensations. And, however, it is not just a question of attitude towards life or style.


The system we choose to sleep is a direct investment in our health. The dream has been the subject of scientific research for decades. And yet, having the joy of sleeping well often seems to be a matter of luck. Today we know that sleep is a complex phenomenon. Our water beds have unique characteristics that promote a healthy or effective sleep and lasting. This effectiveness is based on a fundamental principle of totally different support: the compensation by hydraulic pressure. You are not lying, but your body is floating.


Due to the hydraulic principle, the contact pressure is dispersed providing the sensation of being floating. The water bed molds smoothly with each change of position when sleeping.


The durable discharge of the vertebral column favors the nocturnal feeding of the intervertebral disc and its regeneration. You will wake up rested and full of energy.


The temperature of the water beds can be regulated individually. In winter you can choose a pleasantly warm mattress and in a pleasantly cool one. You will quickly fall asleep and your body can enjoy more time for your nocturnal regeneration.


The mattress surface of your water bed absorbs perspiration fluids and the tempered mattress dries them again.


Precisely those people with difficulties to sleep get the much desired rest. The mattress molds to the shape of the body and holds it. Thus, it is much easier to find the ideal position to fall asleep. The phases of deep sleep are prolonged and the turns in the bed diminish until falling asleep.


The uniform dispersion of the pressure distends the musculature and discharges the joints. Our water beds are also successfully applied for back pain treatments.


The water bed is unsurpassed in terms of hygiene, allowing to eliminate bacteria and dust easily and preventing the accumulation of mites in a lasting manner. In addition, the surface can be easily removed and can also be washed.

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